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Moral/Ethical behaviour

  • Students are to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.
  • Should show politeness and be helpful to others.
  • Student will respect the right of other children so as not to invade their freedom of living.
  • Students will show courtesy towards every person who enters school. This means recognize equality, dignity of all people.
  • Students must show caring attitude in the use of school building and school equipment. This means demonstrate respect for the property of others for clean and litter free school.
  • All students are expected to show that they care for ecology and environment. Wastage of water and electricity should be stopped. This means when one sees a running tap, he/she should close it. When there is no one in the class, all switches of lights and fans should be switched off.

Academic behaviour

  • Students must arrive in time and be always prepare for class. They should be willing to learn.
  • Should always be punctual and regular in attending class.
  • Students should refrain from blocking the academic prospect of others.
  • Observance of no use of alcoholic drinks and drugs.
  • Observance of a smoke free environment in school.
  • Observance of no use of cell phones in the premises.
  • Students are not allowed to enter school premises with any weapon or tool which can cause body harm.

Social behaviour

  • Students must take responsibility for own behaviour.
  • Should take responsibility to own belonging and respect others’ belongings.
  • Everyone has responsibility to help others feel safe and be safe himself/herself.
  • Students will follow all rules in the class or while on play field.
  • Should respect each other’s personal space.
  • Should not use disrespectful language while communicating with other.
  • Should not bully others. School will be a no bully zone.

Disciplines related behaviour

  • Students must follow the instructions given by the staff.
  • Students must show respect to class room discipline guidelines being executed by staff though class monitor.
  • Students must constantly interact with teacher to know about inappropriate behaviour and avoid such behaviour.
  • Students must avoid fights and report dangerous behaviour if noticed.
  • Keep a watch on unsocial elements outside the school walls and ensure no harm is caused to fellow students.

Dress Code behaviour

  • The purpose is to integrate principles of smartness, fairness, equity and inclusion. Dress Code strikes a balance for appropriate attire.
  • Students must avoid decorators, designs, motifs, images, attached to clothing and avoid bandanas, precious jewellery shall not be worn to school.
  • Students must constantly interact with teacher to know about inappropriate behaviour and avoid such behaviour.
  • Upon entering the school all students will wear dress of approved pattern. They will not wear any head covering or apparel that may conceal their identity.
  • Students will not wear provocative clothing.

Personal health and hygiene

  • Students will have neat body and hair, this means taking bath and care of hair.
  • Nails on fingers will be properly cut.
  • If suffering from any ailment they should stay at home so as not to spread any communicable disease.
  • Students must have regular check up of their teeth and should brush teeth twice a day.
  • Students should have regular health check up and maintain a personal health card to contain information of blood group also.